Last days of January began by abounding with headings of leading publications of the world: «Trump will drown the world in the American oil?», «Trump will lessen the value of oil», «Export of oil to the USA will exceed extraction of the OPEC countries», and with others.

On January, 24th, the third day of presidency, Trump removes a ban on two oil projects Keystone XL and Dacota access and begins their construction, which creates 28,000 new jobs in the USA. On the basis of the plans of the president, the USA once again should be independent from import of energy carriers. By estimation of experts from Bloomberg, the USA, the world leader of oil, can reach sales of 800,000 barrels a day, which is quite more than OPEC (Libya, Qatar, Gabon and Ecuador) has made in December, 2016.

While 24 leading manufacturers, including OPEC and Russia, have agreed about the restriction of extraction, the American companies keep adding quantity of drilling outfits and build new oil pipelines.

Foresight of plans of the president on oil and gas sector of the USA are seen not only in the above-stated projects, but also in candidates whom the new president has promoted as a Secretary of State and Energy Minister. The first one is ex-CEO of ExxonMobil, the other one is a former governor of the main oil and gas state of USA – Texas.

Trump’s planning a lot of nuances and for some people they do sound arrogantly, but anyway, average and large American business and their investors will remain only profitable as a result of such reforms.

«We will make America great again!» – Donald Trump.

•Andrey Avramenko, CEO of the international oil and gas company, Skyline Energy Development