Utilization of biogas

Project on Processing of Household Solid Waste (HSW) for Power-producing Purposes

Properties of Biogas

Biogas is mostly a mixture of methane (55-70%) and carbon dioxide (35-45%) that is formed as a result of microbic decomposition of biomass of different mixture.

The Main Purpose of the Project

Building of a system that collects landfill gas and utilizes it as alternative fuel for gas reciprocating units for the purpose of generation of electricity and thermal energy.


At the heart of company’s strategy there lays building of foundation for business development that attracts as many investments as possible and that creates basis for economic realization of projects in many different countries. Commissioning of the most approved world technologies of gas recovery and utilization of landfill gas. Cooperation and information exchange between organizations that realize Program of Ecological Compliance and integration into industry of alternative energy sources.

Technologies of the Project

The system created for biogas recovery from the polygon of household solid waste includes the following:

  • A grid of specially equipped vertical boreholes
  • Horizontal gas pipelines for transportation of biogas from boreholes to gas-collecting stations
  • Gas-collecting stations
  • Main gas pipelines for transportation of biogas from gas-collecting stations to its utilization units

Stage-by-stage Realization of the Project

The first stage of building provides the following:

  • Well-boring
  • Installation of the pipelines
  • Building up of collectors with installation of gas-collecting manifold centers
  • Arrangement of Pipeline Maintenance Depot
  • Building up of open shed for equipment
  • Building up of compact unit of degassing for monitoring and utilization of biogas by its burning onthe flare

The second stage of building provides the following:

  • Installation of cogeneration plants for production of electricity and thermal energy

Utilization of biogas

Utilization of biogas by its burning on the flare is provided by the steps of the first stage of building – by the installation of the pipelines and installation of the degassing system that’s followed up by taking observations under the certain efficiency.

The Results of the Project

Biogas utilization directly by the burning is not the only way of gas removal. The second part of building is attained by application of gas reciprocating unit by burning of biogas in an internal combustion engine and conversion of mechanical movement into electricity. The desired result is achieved by technical characteristics of the equipment:

  • Simplification of the way of organic waste processing
  • Reduction of the lot sizes allotted for utilization of waste at the expense of cyclic processing process
  • Establishment of electricity and thermal energy production
  • Minimization of waste-made impact on the surroundings

The Main Advantages of the Project for the Town and the Population

The reality of advantages of the projects and its realization are as follows:

  • Increase of polygons safety at the expense of prevention against fire risks caused by flashes in the thickness of waste
  • Reduction of number of rather dangerous toxic organiccompounds (such as aromatic hydrocarbons, formaldehyde, dioxide and etc.) that come into the air from the polygons’ surfaces
  • Reduction of green house gas emission at the expense of usage of biogas electricity versus natural gas for production
  • Reduction of organic compounds emission with an unpleasant odor on polygons due to their technological restoration
  • Improvement of environmental situation in the polygons’ places in general

Technology and Equipment Safety

For the project’s realization high-quality equipment will be used (cogeneration plants and degassing system) of Caterpillar, American manufacturer, world market leader in the area of biogas, landfill gas, wastewater, natural gas and filtrate. The manufacturer provides the first-class service of its own equipment, based on long-standing work experience.