Skyline Energy Development, LLC., is an independent oil and gas company engaged in the development, exploitation, exploration and investments to the oil and gas properties in the United States. Оur company offers new and manufactured equipment, speciality chemicals, and consulting services domestically and internationally.


Skyline Energy Company understands that success depends on the efforts of the whole team and its experience. We thrive towards maximizing the productivity of each well and financial success of each project. We develop relationships with each individual investor, take direct and active roles in the exploration and development of new fields, and reenter wells by using the most advanced fracturing techniques and technology!


The staff behind Skyline Energy includes leading specialists that have decades of hands-on experience in the United States and Canada. We also take pride in employing a vast majority of professionals in the industry on an international level from a variety of leading educational institutions that carry out drilling and operation of wells while critically selecting the projects with only the greatest potential for commercial success. We consistently review and rationalize all aspects of our work in order to increase the efficient profitability in the exploration, and development of the extraction and processing of oil and gas.


Skyline Energy is focused on increasing the number of proven reserves in the U.S. by research, exploration of new fields, and revision of previously drilled wells using advanced technologies that have been proven effective in both restoring or improving existing productions. Creative approaches, ingenuity, experience, along with physical labor, are always exercised in our business. These attributes have never been in our short supply!


In this complex energy market, Skyline Energy is consistently developing innovative oil and gas projects, which have a sound geological basis and location in areas where the best infrastructure can be developed with the greatest potential for commercial success. Particular importance is given to the ownership of mineral rights as well as the conditions and the type of purchase. We work in close collaboration with the best experts in the industry which in turn enables us to evaluate our projects from different angles in order to minimize risks. We are resourcefully using new technological innovations as we work to restore and increase oil and gas reserves in the U.S, while providing speciality chemicals and consulting services domestically and worldwide.