The subject of oil and gas has become pivotal in global trading because all of the sectors in this market directly depend on the price and availability of fossil fuel. Global demand for oil and gas continues to rise year after year. While the global demand has been rising at a rate of approximately 2-3% per year, other parts of the world are experiencing demand growth of 10 times that rate. Demand for raw materials is growing as well, even in times of crisis. Increased international investment in the energy market in the U.S. continues this anticipated trend. In fact, a growing concern indicates that an increasing demand for raw materials from developing countries have caused many of these countries to strive for greater energy independence.

What are the benefits of an oil and gas investment?

Why oil and gas?

Important natural resources

Nearly 98% of everything you own or do is in some way related to crude oil. Heat for your home,  gas for your car, plastic  bottles  are  just  a  few  examples  of  crude  oil  products.

Minimized Risk

Drilling for oil and gas is not what it used to be even as little as five years ago. 3D technology allows us to properly assess oil prospects with amazing accuracy.

Tax Advantages

Tax advantages are not available with all market investments. Direct participation in oil and gas can generate several tax benefits. These benefits range from large upfront deductions for intangible drilling costs (IDC) to tax credits for the development of certain types of tight formations.

Long-Term Income

Another benefit is a long-term steady cash flow that is paid monthly. Oil and gas projects can pay off for as long as 20 to 30 years after the initial well is drilled – an income stream that is independent of interest rates, stock market trends, and other short-term fluctuations.

Why Skyline Energy?

Innovative Technologies

Skyline Energy utilizes the latest technology to increase accuracy and minimize risk. New oil drilling technologies could increase the world’s petroleum supplies up to six times in the coming years.

Proven fields

We focus on involving fields which have experienced some sort of past production history, thus reducing the geologic and engineering risk of the investments.

Leading specialists

Skyline Energy involves leading specialists that have decades of hands-on experience not only in U.S., but also internationally.

Vision and values

We practice a relentless pursuit of targeted investments for our shareholders. Skyline Energy supports our investors while working in a responsible, caring, and productive manner. We reduce risk through diversification.

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