Power generation, transmission and distribution

Our Company is EPC-contractor of power generation, transmission and distribution for grids with voltages up to 110kV; pipelines heat tracing; lighting; grounding and lightning.

We are offering individual for every Customer integrated solutions in power generation, transmission and distribution for oil and gas mining, it’s transportation and refining; pipeline and chemical industries.

Our experience is more than 70 projects in above stated industries.

We are providing all stages of engineering services such as concept, design, Smart GRID SCADA-developing, start-up and commissioning. Equipment and materials procurement and it’s installation also offered.

Our scope of supply includes:


  • Diesel generators
  • Power and distribution transformers
  • Switchyards 110kV
  • Modular substation 35kV and lower
  • Switchgears and switchboards 0,22 – 35kV
  • Motor Control Centers

We supply own developed and SIEMENS licensed equipment:


  • Switchgears and switchboards 0,22 – 35kV ASG-25, OBERON, SIMOPRIME, SELAM, SIVACON S8
  • Motor Control Centers SELAM, SIVACON S8 with small and standard withdrawable units

One of technological equipment we are ready to equip with the systems is new or updating (modernizing) gas compressor units. We are ready to offer for this equipment:


  • Power supply
  • Lighting
  • Grounding and Lightning

During the modernization of gas compressor units we are ready to offer solutions for fully incorporating new systems into modernized equipment. We guarantee that whole equipment assembly will be tested, commissioned and brought into production.

Efficiency sources for every finished project:


  • Prevention of equipment power supply loss
  • Damages minimize
  • Prevention of accidents
  • Energy saving