Houston. Texas. I participate in a three-day Global Business Conference of US oil companies NAPE. This event brought together leaders of the major companies and national institutions of the energy sector. The latest statistics were shown. Growth trends of increasing work in the fields and the number of rigs are impressive. 82 units of equipment was added in the country in last four weeks.

On the pictures: I personally met Joe Navarro, psychologist, author of the book “Louder than words” and other publications, which the FBI employees use in their work. And finally personally met a successful leader of our sector, the billionaire, president of Parsley Energy, Bryan Sheffield. We talked about a possible partnership and joint projects.

This year really will be the year of reforms in the energy sector of the US! Joe Navarro​ Bryan Sheffield​

•Andrey Avramenko, CEO of the international oil and gas company, Skyline Energy Development https://skyledllc.com/