Andrey Avramenko, president of oil company Skyline Energy Development LLC, was recently on a business trip to Ukraine for two months. During this time he was able to meet many public figures including politicians, business partners and organization representatives.

The topic of discussion in these meetings were the development of international partnerships , improving investment climate, exchanging skills and experiences, and lobbying Ukrainian interests at an international level.

Also, in addition to individual meetings, on May 22, 2015, Avramenko was one of the speakers in the International Conference “Investing in Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency”, which was held at the “International Investment Project: Ukrainian Investment Dialogue” in Kiev.

The event was attended by about 300 delegates from not only different regions of Ukraine, but also from thirteen other countries. Among the attendees were international experts in the energy investment field, diplomats, representatives of foundations, public authorities , companies, business associations , clubs and diasporas.

It is worth noting that one of the organizers of this project is the president of the European Congress of Ukraine (JCU) Yaroslav Hortyani and also President of the World Congress of Ukrainian Youth Organizations (MKUMO) Miroslav Gochak.

The main objective of the project was the formation of proposals from professional associations, businesses, international financial institutions and foreign investors to build a system of legislative incentives that attract international investment. First, an active discussion was held in regards to the implementation of the National Action Plan on renewable energy until 2020, and the second part of the conference was a series of thematic presentations centered around investment projects on alternative energy and energy efficiency of the different regions of Ukraine.

“I believe that such events generally provide a good platform for the development of Ukraine’s energy efficiency field and independence,” Avramenko stated.

~ Published by the press center of Skyline Energy Development