Skyline Energy Development engaged in the business of exploring for, developing, producing, and selling oil and gas in USA. We are focused on the implementation of 3D seismic imaging techniques to reduce finding and development costs. That means lower risk and higher chances of success.


Skyline Energy is consistently developing innovative oil and gas projects, which have a sound geological basis and location in areas where the best infrastructure can be developed with the greatest potential for commercial success. Particular importance is given to the ownership of mineral rights as well as the conditions and the type of purchase.


We are oil and gas exploration and production company committed to acquiring and developing the most profitable onshore oil and gas projects for our investors. Our sole focus is on oil and gas projects generated in house or at ground level, ensuring our investors receive the highest possible ownership in the wells. This sets you up for a greater potential return on investment!


Skyline Energy Development is a U.S. supplier of new and remanufactured drilling rigs and drilling equipment to domestic and international drilling contractors. In addition to our own new and remanufactured equipment, Skyline engages a large, Worldwide network of quality vendors, which allows us to locate virtually any piece of equipment used on a drilling rig.


Our company is one of the retailers of a superior line of speciality chemicals for Oil & Gas Drilling, Stimulation, Cementing, Production and Refining. Moreover, Skyline Energy Development  manufactures a wide range of chemicals for Water Treatment, Hydro Testing and Waste Oil Treatment applications. 

Utilization of biogas

Utilization of biogas by its burning on the flare is provided by the steps of the first stage of building – by the installation of the pipelines and installation of the degassing system that’s followed up by taking observations under the certain efficiency. The main purpose of the project is building of a system that collects landfill gas and utilizes it as alternative fuel for gas reciprocating units for the purpose of generation of electricity and thermal energy.


Skyline Energy Company is the leading performance improvement company for the global energy industry which helps clients pursue operational excellence by increasing efficiency, reliability, and profitability, providing benchmarking and advisory solutions across the energy value chain from upstream production to downstream chemical manufacturing.