June 2015. Berlin. #wrat Economic Summit, organized by Wirtschaftsrat der CDU eV, the German business association representing the interests of more than 11,000 multinational companies. It brought together key leaders of the EU countries,as well as representatives of world leading innovative technology companies, among them: Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, president of Estonia, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google inc, professor Kurt J. Lauk, president of Wirtschaftsrat, Wolfgang Steiger, general secretary of Wirischaftsrat Deutschland.
“Free trade, innovation and growth” was the main subject of this forum.
Some points from seminars and master classes:
~ “It is surprising that technology here something revolutionary and not something evolutionary” – Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt on the podium of the economy summit 2015.
~Jeb Bush speech was about the important role of the transatlantic economic relations and that many Governments of German austerity could – learn including his own.
~ Rupert Stadler complained in an interesting lecture on new mobility concepts: “In Germany everything is forbidden until it is permitted, in the United States, however, allows everything until it is forbidden.”
Representatives of Skyline Energy Development LLC. headed by President Andrey Avramenko, also participated in the summit, representing the interests of the company and carry out a number of important meetings in the European Union.