“Ideas. Innovations. Impact” – a conference was held under this slogan and exhibition of modern equipment
and the latest developments in the field of energy industry. During the teacher workshop, teachers will receive hands-on training provided by the US National Energy Education Development project (NEED), listen to a presentation from a prominent keynote speaker, and tour the Offshore Technology Conference exhibitions.
At the conference, I also was able to hold a business meeting with Helen Greiner, co-founder of IRobot and CEO of CyPhy Works, a company that is valued at more than a billion dollars. We started to negotiate the conditions of a possible collaboration. Throughout the course of this strategically important activities we can conclude that the need for energy resources continues to grow, respectively, the US energy complex subject not only development, but also in terms of the modernization of production and processing of oil and gas.
P.S. A delegation of representatives of the energy complex of Ukraine attended this conference also. We had a great time exchanging ideas and observations.