Waste Oil Treatment Chemicals

Product Description

Due to EPA environmental mandates and market competition, a cost effective chemical process to clarify waste oils is essential.

Skyline Energy is a specialty manufacturer of Demulsifiers utilized for used oil applications. Skyline Energy has a proven product line of demulsifiers covering almost every type of emulsion in this field. These products are specially formulated from surface active compounds, wetting agents, and other additives. The applications for these products include the following:

  • Soluble oils
  • Crankcase oils
  • Refinery slops
  • Industrial oils
  • Coal tar dehydration
  • Bunker Fuels
  • Tank Bottom CleaningEach Demulsifier is developed to perform on a broad range of emulsion types. This versatility offers an advantage in that several types of oil can be treated, usually with only one type of Demulsifier.

In case of extremely tight emulsions on which optimum performance cannot be achieved with existing products, Skyline Energy is always prepared to develop a “tailor made” chemical to solve these problems.

The used oil Demulsification division has developed a proprietary De-ashing process which increases the value of the end product at a small chemical cost. The reduced ash
percentage results in the used oil being a cleaner, and more desirable fuel. This technology is proprietary, however on-site demonstrations can be arranged to exhibit the results on each company’s crankcase oil streams.

Contact your local field representative for suitable product choice and application.